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Why do I even bother???? :-/

Called a friend last night to ask if she could come over on Sat to help keep me company while I pack, maybe even help a little herself, she says fine, happy to help. Tell her "Great, and thanks, will pick you up after work Sat morning".

Get a text this morning (Fri) saying she's been in bed with a bad back for last 2 days so wants to rest over the weekend and won't be coming over. 2 days, huh?? Why not mention THAT on the phone last night??? Seems to me she just changed her mind and the back pain is just an excuse not to say, "Nah, don't wanna help."

And that is why I'm so reluctant to ask for help or even support from those near me. Have been let down too many times by her (and others) pulling out at the last minute. Easiest just to do everything myself.

Still feeling like crap, but haven't shed tears since the other night, so I suppose that's progress, right??

It's a beautiful day outside, so I'm going to take Sam for walkies, pick up some things at the supermarket on the way home and then tackle the task of sorting and packing the 4 bookcases in my library.
Tags: always keep fighting, kick it in the ass, moving melodramas, my sammy
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