vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

Title: Realization
Author: Vyper  vyperdd
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Slash
Fandom: X-Files
Pairing: Mulder/CSM
Warnings: Slash, Angst, Character Death (this part only, not for the whole fic)
Word Count: 206
Complete: No, just a tiny snippet in a much longer fic that I've been working on for ages, but I think it can stand on its own.
Summary: Realization and acceptance.


He wants me.


I need him.

I belong with him.

Past. Present. Future.

I belong to him.

Then. Now. Always.

I have no say, no choice in the matter. Fate or destiny or God or the Devil has already decided for me. I wonder if the bride in an arranged marriage feels the same way upon meeting her betrothed for the first time on their wedding day.

*Do you take this man?* He escorts me down the aisle and I tremble.

"I do."

*In sickness and in health.* He removes my clothes and I shiver.

"I do."

*For richer or poorer.* He pushes me to my knees and I submit.

"I do."

*To cherish and to keep.* He fastens a collar of gold and platinum around my throat and I weep.

"I do."

*Till death do us part.* He slits my left wrist and I collapse.

"I do."

*I now pronounce you man and wife.* He carries me to our wedding bed and I mourn the life I once lived, the man I once was.

"Husband," I sob as he gently prepares me.

"Wife," he replies as he slowly enters me.

*You may now kiss your bride.* He consummates our marriage and I die.
Tags: mulder/csm, x-files, x-files fanfic, yuletide
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