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Progress is being made, I think.

Getting into the sorting and packing this week. Mostly finished the library room, only 2 shelves out of 5 full to over-flowing bookcases left to be packed. Have culled about 1/3 of my collection to be (hopefully) sold to a 2nd hand bookshop chain. Am keeping too many, I know a lot more should go but I just can't seem to do it. I love my books, even though I know I won't read many of them again.

Decluttering is going really well. Feels good to get rid of a lot of junk and rubbish. Took two car loads to the tip's recycling area, 2 old TV's, fridge, 2 microwaves and a few broken and outdated vcr's/dvd players. Still have another free tip pass from the council if I need it but am hoping everything else will fit in the big bulk bin they are providing. But that won't be delivered til just a couple of days before I move.

Removal company booked for 9am. As it's the same morning I'm signing the lease, and I'm working from 4pm that day have asked my dad and step mom to come over and supervise while I'm out. I trust them to keep an eye on things and make sure the removalists do a professional job. Hopefully we can get everything loaded and moved in a couple of hours and with Dad's 4wd, we should be able to fit all the smaller items in our 2 vehicles. Means EVERYTHING will have to be packed by the Wed night and I mean EVERYTHING, clothes, dishes, toiletries, pantry, fridge and freezer cleaned out, washer and drier disconnected, TV's/dvd's/dvr's, computer/printer/modem all unplugged and boxed up. Luckily my bed is just a ensemble mattress in a timber frame that comes apart within minutes. So can take that apart and still sleep on the mattress.

Power company notified. It went better than I'd thought as I still owe the current bill (and can't afford to pay it in full before June 9th with all the moving expenses to be dealt with) and thought they wouldn't connect the new place with that money outstanding. The woman I dealt with was pretty good (despite me being frustrated by the endless red-tape) and has given me an extension until the middle of July, giving me a little bit of breathing space. She still wants me to pay anything I can off the bill but I'm not in any danger of having power disconnected here or not connected at the new house.

Transferring my Internet account is turning into a game of dominos. I can't get mine transferred until my friend vacates the property on the 2nd because it will cut off her internet service. She can't transfer hers until the outgoing tenant at her new place disconnects theirs. So have to ring back on the 3rd and get the transfer started then. Hoping it won't take the 10-14 days quoted but I will be able to cope without internet for a few days. Have a fairly good data plan on my mobile phone so I can still check FB, twitter and LJ. Luckily, most of my shows go on hiatus this week and of those still airing I can wait a week or to download without dying. Maybe I'll take advantage of being off the 'net to catch up on writing. Am really missing working on my fics.
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