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Moving update- T minus 1 week

Things are cruising along.

Move date is set for next Thursday, the 9th & removalists have been booked. My dad and step mum are coming over to help (supervising only as Dad just had a pacemaker fitted on Mon- he's doing well and feeling a lot better with a more stable heartrate) as I'll be at the real estate office signing the lease. The moving company have quoted me for 2 hours, so am hoping it doesn't take any longer than that.

Managed to scrape together the bond and moving costs which is a big relief. Picked up 3 extra shifts this week as well, so that's a tiny bit of financial stress relieved too. Am still going to be scraping by pay-to-pay for the next few months but at least I won't be homeless.

Spent the morning online updating my address details with different government departments and utilities. Power, gas and internet transfers have all been organised. Hopefully connections happen on time other wise I'll be in a dark, cold, net-free home. This was pretty easy to do online, no running around or spending hours on hold on the phone.

Packing and sorting is moving along too even though the place is pretty much organised chaos right now, boxes of books and clothes and stuff everywhere but I know what I'm taking, donating or throwing out. Waiting for a big skip/bulk bin to be delivered on Tues or Wed which I'll be using for old furniture and other junk. Have to organise a charity store to pick up the wardrobe I no longer need. Will be sad to see it go as I've had it since I was a very young child and it's about 45 years old but still in great condition but I just have no room for it at the new place plus both bedrooms have built-in closets.

Still have the lounge-room (with shelves and shelves of dvd's to be boxed) and kitchen to pack. Should be done with them over the weekend then I can spend a couple of days getting a head start on cleaning.
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