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Ok, that's it!!! I give up....

....trying to understand my boss, that is.

I just can't understand where his mind is at and how he's thinking. Some days I think he really does hate me and others I think I must just be imagining him being awful when it's really nothing personal.

He rang me just before midday on Tues asking if I could do the midnight-8am that night. I said "Sure, no problem."

Then he says to me, "Well, I'll get back to you later today to confirm that I can't find someone else to do it. If you don't hear back from me, then it's yours." I was so shocked that he even asked me, that I didn't really think to respond and ask why he needed to find someone else as I had already said I was willing and available. I know why. He just doesn't like me and would rather get someone in from another store than give me the work (and money I so desperately need) There's also only a couple of us at my store who will do a midnight shift so his options are very limited. At 10.55pm (I leave for midnight shifts at 11.30pm-- so he was cutting it damn close which was probably his intention) that night he texts me to say I'm not needed. I was so angry I nearly threw my mobile across the room.

This comes only a week after another staff member (A) asked me to cover one of her shifts. She had spoken to the boss who left it up to her to find someone. Yet, when she called him back to say I was doing the shift, he says "No, I'll get P1 to do it." It was an afternoon/evening shift so P1 was available and she is his favourite and gets a lot of extra shifts even though it puts her into overtime and the boss HATES having to pay overtime. So, yeah, favourite!!!

Then yesterday, another worker, P2 texts me to see if I can cover his shifts this weekend, Sat & Sun 4pm-midnights. As usual I say "Hell yes" (even though I still have heaps of packing to do, I need the extra money more right now!!) even though I'm pretty positive the boss will say no as it will put me into overtime. Well guess my absolute amazement and shock when P2 texts me today to say the boss has agreed I can do the shifts.

So I just don't know what to think anymore! Is the boss just desperate to cover those shifts with limited staff willing to do them (ie: Me!!!!) or has he finally seen the stress I'm under from lack of shifts and money and having to move and is actually being a decent human being for once by giving me a break and a bit of help?
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