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Fic: Birthday Wishes Do Come True -- Jensen/Colin Ford

Title: Birthday Wishes Do Come True
Genre: SPN RPF
Pairing: Jensen/Colin Ford
Kinks: Nudity
Rating: R
Word Count: 49
Summary: Colin makes a wish.
A/N: Written for emmatheslayer at comment_fic.
Theme: 1 sentence fills
Prompt: Supernatural rpf,Colin Ford/ jensen ackles , party

Birthday Wishes Do Come True

Colin is still blowing out the last of the sixteen candles when Jensen presses up against his naked back, wraps strong arms around his narrow waist, grinds his rock-hard, denim-covered erection into the crack of his bare ass and whispers in his ear, "My bed, right now, birthday boy."

Or read at AO3
Tags: 1 sentence fill, comment fic, fic: birthday wishes do come true, kink: nudity, pairing: jensen/colin, spn rpf
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