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Countdown to freedom!!!

Big changes this week. Rang up about an add in the Saturday paper from a courier company needing drivers. Pretty much secured the position during my inquiry phone call on Monday. HR guy (Graeme) I was speaking to said the add did specify previous experience in the transport industry, asked me how much I had and when I replied 20 years, he responded with "Oh, is that all?" in a very light-hearted tone and I was rather positive that the job was mine.

I had been worried he would knock me back when he found out that my car is a 1998 model, still in pretty good condition (but most courier companies want vehicles only a few years old) but he just a had a quick look over it at the interview yesterday and didn't comment further, so that was a big relief as there is no way I can afford to buy a newer vehicle anytime soon. Just have to cross fingers my little Mazda stays strong and roadworthy until I can afford to trade her in.

Went in to the office today and did all the paperwork, tax stuff and insurance, and ordering uniforms, etc. Will be going out with a driver next Tues to learn the ropes of using the data terminal and how they do things in terms of pick-ups and deliveries.

So will be giving my two weeks notice at the petrol station in the next couple of days and I couldn't be happier. Things were getting so bad there I almost quit midshift on Monday night. Monday is cheap petrol day so is our busiest day of the week. My shift is from 4pm-midnight and it's insanely busy up until about 11pm, usually cars 3 & 4 deep constantly at each of the 10 pumps. It also doesn't help that some pumps are on pre-pay after 7pm (the rest after 10pm) and even though there are signs, customers either don't notice and read them or just ignore them, so I'm having to use the PA system to tell nearly every customer on the PP pump to come inside which just adds another level of stress that I really don't need.

There is only 2 of us on and my co-worker (A) leaves at 9pm. Other duties need to be done apart from serving customers (making coffees, doing temp check of all the fridges and freezers, preparing the early morning bake trolleys, cleaning the coffee machine) but A refuses to do any of them. I have complained to our manager about the extra workload and stress this causes me but nothing has been done, so that's just 1 more reason for wanting to leave.

Second reason is my shifts have been cut back to 3 a week and there doesn't seem to be as many relief shifts available in the last few weeks, meaning I'm barely making enough to cover my rent, let alone all my other bills and living expenses. That could change but I'm not holding my breath any longer as I need consistent income to get on top of my debts. As a courier I'll earn double what I'm making now and my hours/shifts won't be at the whim of an asshole manager who gives extra shifts and overtime to his favourites but can't give me one extra shift even after I tell him that I'm struggling financially.

Third and final reason is said A*hole telling me point blank that he would not give me permission to transfer to another store and for some reason (probably because he's a sadistic bastard who really doesn't like me) won't fire me, leaving me only 2 options: stay and become more and more stressed and depressed and potentially suicidal or quit. So I'm quitting!!!!! :-) :-) and I feel so much calmer and already happier having made the decision.

I'm a little concerned that my manager will cut my shifts once I give notice so will be informing the area manager as well. I also want to make sure I get my annual leave owed to me paid out as well and I really don't trust my manager not to screw me over.

There are a few downsides to leaving BP and going back to being a courier. I won't get paid holidays or superannuation (but once i get my debts mostly paid off, I can contribute to super and set up a holiday fund myself) and I'll be working Friday mornings (which is when SPN airs in Australia) so won't be able to download the ep til I get home in the late afternoon which means staying off facebook, twitter and lj to avoid getting spoiled!!

But the positives of being in a better place financially and emotionally outweigh these negatives. Plus with 7 years experience and a couple of really good references (obviously NOT from my manager!! but others I've worked for) I've now got in the petrol station industry, I'm sure I would be able to find work fairly easily if need be.

So, will still have to do a few more shifts including the Monday night shift from hell but knowing there is an end to my current situation and a great job waiting for me will help me get through them in a much happier state of mind than I've been in for weeks if not months.

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