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Freedom is so close I can taste it......

Yesterday, I gave verbal notice to my manager of my intent to leave, unsure of what his reaction would be. There wasn't one. He just said, "put it in writing on my desk," and walked away. No "Sorry to see you go" or "did you want to talk about it?" He didn't even ask if I had another job lined up and what it was. That pretty much convinced me I'd made to right decision to resign and move on. He just didn't give a fuck.

Last's night 4pm-midnight shift went pretty well. It helped that we ran out of the cheapest grade of fuel at 9pm, so was a lot quieter than normal.

Today was one of the best and least stressful I've had in recent months. Spent the day on the road with a driver, Steven, from the courier company I'm starting with full-time at the start of August. He showed me how to use the PDA data unit and we did about 12 jobs, I think, which he said was a fairly average day. Asked him heaps of questions and he was happy to give me advice and a few tips. With what he told me today's jobs earned him, I shouldn't have any problems earning double what I currently make. The longest we waited for a job was probably about 15 mins, means we were on the go for the whole day with usually a couple of jobs at a time and did about 300kms.

About 5pm, he dropped me off at the base and I had a quick chat with my new boss, Tristan who was really friendly and very welcoming. He asked if I could start full-time driving tomorrow. When I explained I'd had to give 2 weeks notice and work a few late afternoon/evening shifts, he asked if I would be interested in driving on my free days or wait to finish up. I didn't hesitate to say, I'll start ASAP which will be on Friday as I have BP shifts on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm also doing 3 days driving next week so won't have a gap between pays when I finish at BP.

Feels so great to actually be wanted and appreciated as an employee, something that I haven't felt at BP in a very long time. And I haven't even properly started there yet!!!! :-)

Got my uniforms today and will be issued my PDA on Friday. Can't remember when I've looked forward to going to work so much. Even the remaining BP shifts aren't filling me with dread as they did prior to this week.
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