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Life is frelling fantastic right now!!!!

Been a great week so far. Only 2 more shifts at the petrol station on Thursday arvo/evening and Saturday morning and then I'm outta there for ever!!!!!

Worked Tuesday and Wednesday driving and I am loving it so much. Can't wait til next week when I'll begin couriering full-time. I feel so much calmer and more relaxed not having to deal with A**hole lazy co-workers and rude, arrogant customers that treat me like shit. "Give me smokes, give me coffee" with barely a please or thank you for serving them.

Chanelle, the girl in the courier office who handles most of the job allocations via the PDA units, actually acknowledges my login with a good morning and smiley emoticon unlike dickhead servo boss who would always scurry straight down to his office without even looking at or speaking to any of the staff. Good riddance to the bloody lot of them. The only one I will miss working with is Terese in the cafe. She's always been really nice and friendly and very hard working and she agrees that the rest are a bunch of lazy bastards, so we always got on really well.

Getting the company signage put on my vehicle tomorrow which means I can sleep in. Yay!!! It's hard getting out of bed at 6.30am when it's only 5C but at least I can stay at home til I'm allocated my first job which is usually by 7.30am. Been nice and busy, usually doing either multiple pick/ups & deliveries or getting a new pick up as soon as I've delivered my previous job. So busy in fact that I barely have time to check twitter or FB. Was going to take a book with me (I'm currently reading Book 2 of Game of Thrones) but I doubt I'll have time to even open it between jobs. It's great being able to just listen to the radio and my favourite cds as I drive around. Maybe I should get the audio books of GoT to listen to in the car. Been finishing at around 4pm which means I can take Sam out for an hour-long walk and run in the local dog park before it gets too dark and cold. We both need the exercise and there are some very friendly owners I've been getting to know. Plus Sam is making doggie friends too which is great to see.

Will need to get some work done on the car over next couple of weeks. The poor thing has been rather neglected these last few years and really needs some TLC, so new tyres and CV joints are top of the list when I get paid next week. Also due is the car licence registration and my driver's licence renewal, all of which I can now claim as tax deductions next year.
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