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Feeling very blessed right now!!!

My top 3 choices in the j2_reversebang were all prompts by the wonderfully talented and awesome milly_gal and I received my 3rd choice! As usual claiming was crazy fast (and it seemed everyone before me chose at least one of her prompts) but I'm so beyond happy to be finally working with Milly on a fic & art challenge.

Where Do We Draw The Line?
Art Description: How close is too close? There's a fine line!


Have a rough idea of the fic I want to write. Just hope it does justice to Milly's beautiful artwork.

There is a 2nd round of claims happening at 4am tomorrow my time and I'm going to see if I can grab either of her other pieces: 'Please'


'Behind Closed Doors'


Am tempted to write fics for them anyways simply because they are so gorgeous.
Tags: j2 reversebang, milly-gal art, milly_gal rocks my world, pairing: j2
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