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Car woes update :-) :-)

It's 6pm and my mechanic Jack just rang me and the repairs are done and the cost is less than $500!!!!! There's still some issues to address but they aren't serious enough to keep the car off the road and me not earning any money. So I'll be picking the car up in the morning and should be back at work by 10am.

The radiator has been replaced and the fan is working again \o/ and he's okay with me paying the bill next Thursday when I get paid. \o/ \o/

So all is good (for now) and I'm just so relieved that the RAC dudes were so fucking wrong with their diagnosis and multi-thousand $ repair estimate and that I had Jack to turn to and that he's such a great mechanic and truly decent guy who actually cares about and looks after his clients best interest rather than his bank account balance.

Will sleep a lot better tonight knowing my Baby is gonna be okay and not heading to the scrap heap.
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