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The best kind of tears are.....

..... happy ones!!!! :-)

Had the best fucking day today. It was so good I'm still on a bit of a high hours after I've gotten home.

It all started when I picked up Baby this morning and I was so happy to see her and get in her and drive her out of Jack's yard. After being lead to believe on Wednesday that I would never drive her again, just to sit in the driver's seat and put my hands on the steering wheel was like a gift from heaven. It literally feels as if Jack bought her back from the dead and back to life for me. I feel how Sam and Dean must feel every time the other appears in their life again. It's a glorious, very life affirming feeling and I love it!

Got a job as soon as I logged on and worked non-stop picking up and delivering for the rest of the day. After I had delivered a few jobs I received another pick-up in the same suburb I was delivering to. I acknowledge the job and then get this text message from Hayley, one of the operators who does the job allocations:

H:"I am so glad you are back. You're a gun!"

Well that just made an already great day even better!!! With a huge grin on my face, I texted back:

Me: "LOL. Awww, you missed me yesterday??"


H:"Of course."

I'd forgotten how wonderful it feels to be appreciated and valued by a fellow colleague/s and to know that I am missed when I take a day off. It certainly never happened in my previous job where the manager barely even acknowledged my existence except to complain and tell me how poorly I was doing.
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