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Jared enjoying Vegas!!!

It's been a pretty tough last few days. More car trouble is causing me so much stress and worry... how serious it is and how much it's going to cost I won't know until Tues as Monday is a public holiday here.

Am so over getting one thing fixed only to have something else fail. Wish I could afford to buy a newer car but I'm in too much debt already to qualify for a loan so just have to keep patching her up and hope she keeps running long enough for me to dig myself out of this black pit. Thank God, I've got an amazing mechanic who knows my situation and is very flexible in allowing me to pay for repairs over a few weeks.

Thanks most of all to a couple of wonderful SPNFamily friends who kept me somewhat sane yesterday afternoon by just being there for me to talk to. Kim chatted with me on FB for hours and Betty (god bless her) offered me the loan of a car so I can keep working (and earning) while my Baby is off the road. It really does reinforce that 'Family Has Your Back' and 'You Are Not Alone' aren't just a bunch of words on t-shirts. They are real and beautiful and more than I could have possibly asked for. I was in tears more than once yesterday and just so grateful to have such amazing friends.

And then I wake up to my Twitter TL exploding with so many gorgeous pics of Jared enjoying his weekend in Vegas. He looks so happy and relaxed and refreshed. I've been worrying about him lately and really missing the FB vids he normally does during an AKF campaign so to see his wonderful smile this morning was simply delightful and just what I needed.

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