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Meme time!!!

Snurched from sillie82


--When you are sad or depressed, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

Take Sam for a nice long walk. Being out in the fresh air and seeing him have fun sniffing trees and playing with other dogs always cheers me up. I also tend to binge watch any SPN or Jared related: eps, movies, con vids

--When you are studying or just hanging out, do you prefer noise (music, people, whatever) or quiet?

I like the background noise of the tv, even if I'm not watching it.

--Are you superstitious? If so, how much...very, or just like the "well I don't walk under a ladder" type?

I don't think so. I'm not afraid of the 13th or black cats or stepping on the cracks when walking down the footpath.

--You're going on a road trip across whatever country you live in. Which three fictional characters would you bring along if you could?

Sam Winchester-- He'd ride shotgun, of course! and I'd even let him choose the music!
Cpt Jack Harkness -- Watching him flirt with everyone and everything would make a fantastic trip even better
Ten -- because I love him so much. He could geek out with Sam and be adorably fed up with Jack hitting on every one.

--Are you vegan, vegetarian, selective ("just chicken" or fish or whatever), or ALL THE MEAT YAS?

I love my meat! I need my meat! but I also love a big plate of steamed veges.

--Do you prefer spicy, sweet, salty, or bland food?

Sweet, definitely (and unfortunately... looks at waist-line)

--Coffee, tea, or?

Milo!!!! Gotta have my Milo every single day.

--Chocolate: milk, dark, or white? Or *gasp* none?


--Are you in a Hogwarts House? If so, which one?


--What are your plans this weekend?

Watching the Aussie Rules grand final-- Sydney Swans vs Western Bulldogs. I'm barracking for Sydney as the Bulldogs knocked my team out of the finals. Just hope it's a close, exciting game.
Tomorrow I'm meeting up with ratfan for the first time. Am hoping some other local SPN fans will come too. Hoping Betty can make it too as I want to give her a big squishy hug for lending me a car while mine is off the road.
Doing some work on the j2_reversebang challenge fics I'm writing for milly_gal and my spn_j2_xmas gift. Have ideas for all 3 of them, just need to get to work on outlining plots and expanding the few snippets I've written into longer scenes.
Then there's the boring housework stuff like vacuuming and laundry!
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