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the kindness of strangers,

 The Good:
Accidentally left my mobile phone in a shopping centre bathroom. Didn't realise til I was some distance away. Went running back, all the while thinking I'd have to buy a new one, when I saw a lady outside the toilets asking if anyone had left their phone behind. Told her it was mine and thanked her. She said she would have handed it in at the info desk had I not come back. Nice to know there are still some very kind and honest people out there.

The Bad, but could have been worse:
Got a phone call from my neighbour, Felicity, this arvo, to say a big branch from a big gum tree in my backyard had fallen down. Luckily, the damage to our shared back fence that was only replaced  about 6 months ago after being blown down in a storm last winter was minimal, so minimal, in fact that I couldn't see any damage. But it was dark when I got home from work, so will have a better look at it in the morning. My main concern was my 11 year old dog, Scully, picturing her crushed and injured and in pain but Felicity assured me she was ok. In fact ok enough to bark at Felicity's male friend who jumped the fence to remove the large branch that had come down and was leaning over the fence. So I now have a massive branch and lots of little branches to get rid of tomorrow. 

The potentially ugly: 
Need to purchase my Melbourne-LA-Perth air tickets costing just over $2000 tomorrow to beat an expected price rise of several hundred dollars on Monday and the money I transferred over the net last night still hasn't been credited to my credit card. Plus am still waiting for the limit increase I had approved yesterday to take effect. Without these extra funds, I'll have to delay buying the tickets. Am crossing fingers and toes and every other body part that the funds will be there by tomorrow morning. 

And my first rant:
Banks are so darn quick to take money out of your account when you pay a bill or transfer funds online, but are frelling, frakking, frustratingly slow to credit it to you.

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