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Great start to the weekend!!!!

Always love waking up in the morning to a Twitter TL bursting full of wonderful Jared, Jensen and SPN treats.

I swear I had a religious experience listening to and watching Jared. His soft tone of voice, his expressions-- OMG, when he closes his eyes I just about died!!! and the fact that he obviously knows and loves the poem as he only glances at the book a couple of times.

Someone commented on Twitter that Jared didn't just read his section, he recited it and I agree. It's a wonderful performance.

Jensen was also great. I could listen to him for hours read anything, doesn't matter if it's Poe or the phonebook.

And it's absolutely no surprise at all that they were together when they filmed each part.

Now I normally avoid spoilers but this vid is from the awesome Shaving People Hunting Things who have given us so many fantastic out-take vids in the past The Internet Thinks You're Crazy.

And here's the 'reversed' version:

And then there's all the Sam!torture we'll be seeing in the first 2 eps. Think I'm going to overdose on Hurt!Sam but I just love it so much. Jared is simply brilliant at portraying Sam's pain and fear and terror. How can it be so disturbing yet hot and sexy all at the same time? Damn you, Jared, what have you done to me????

And then there's the Gilmore Girls revival in late November. They just released a little unspoilery featurette with the cast, including Jared (at 0.55) sharing their love of being back in Stars Hollow. And my God!!!! Dean has grown up handsome as hell!!!

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