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Up & down & up again......

Up #1 was definitely the return of SPN and our boys knocked it out of the park. Watched it with ratfan and loved it so, so much. What an awesome season opener, emotional and gripping and scary.

Unsurprisingly, Jared was beyond brilliant in every single heartbreaking, gutwrenching scene and every defiant "Screw you." He portrays Hurt&TorturedSam so well, so realistically it was hard to watch at times but I just couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen. And the last shot of him on the stairs, all alone and hurt and scared and still believing that Dean is dead and that no-one is coming to his rescue. That really did break my heart and bring tears to my eyes even on my 5th viewing.

While I was pretty happy with Mary's return and her interactions with Dean, a couple of things disappointed me:
1/ was waiting the whole ep for her to ask about Sam, is he happy? what's he like? do you have a photo?
2/ didn't get a real sense of panic or urgency from either Dean or Mary about the fact that Sam was missing and in danger. The other times he's disappeared (Born Under A Bad Sign & AHBL1) Dean has been absolutely frantic to find him, something that I just didn't feel in this episode. Expected him (and Mary and Cas) to be racing to the Impala and burning rubber out of the garage, not to have a drawn out lovefest over Baby's backseat. Hoping things become more urgent in tomorrow's episode.

Most looking forward to Sam's reaction when he sees Dean and Mary for the first time. Poor boy will no doubt think he's still hallucinating. Can't wait to hear Sam call Mary Mum for the first time!

Really crappy day at work yesterday + a pretty bad bout of depression + having my period = absolute hell. Nothing seemed to go right work-wise (combined with ongoing, never-ending financial stress)-- had a triple rate courier job unallocated when another driver cleared closer to the pick-up then couldn't pick up the next job they gave me (4 huge 4WD tyres that needed a van/ not my little sedan) and then just getting assigned one short, shitty job after another and I was in tears for most of the morning (thank god for dark sunglasses) Managed to keep it together-- barely-- and just focused on getting through the day silently chanting Always Keep Fighting. AKF is a wonderful mantra that has saved me from being agro at clients and life in general on more than one occasion lately.

Up #2 was finally making progress on the car repairs. After being with mechanic #2 for almost a week, the left hand CV driveshaft has been replaced and he also replaced the LH 2nd-hand wheel hub assembly installed a couple of months ago with a new one at no cost. Baby sounds a hell of a lot better now (there was a terrible metal-on-metal screeching when changing gears) and is now back at Jack's (mechanic #1) workshop. He thinks some engine mounts need replacing and will be looking at doing it next week. There's no rush getting her fixed as I won't be able to pay him til my next pay in a fortnight and I still have the loan car from my friend.
Was wonderful driving her again (even just the 2 blocks between workshops) but wow she feels so different to my friend's sedan.
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