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Fic: Not Again (Sam/Dean)

OMG, I actually wrote some thing!!!! It's only a drabble that took me 2 days to write but it's fic and I kinda really like it!!!

Title: Not Again
Genre: Slash
Prompt: carousel pic at spn_bigpretzel
Rating: R for innuendo and implied sex with an inanimate object, I guess?
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Spoilers/Warnings: see rating
Word count: 100

Sam can't talk but he can hear Dean reading the witch's note just fine.

"Find your stallion and mount him fast
Ride him hard and make it last
Do this thrice morning and thrice night
To break the spell and put all to right."

Dean approaches him from behind. He feels Dean's hand rubbing his flank. His tail is gently lifted, the warm summer breeze caressing his bare rump. And then...

Dean lowers his zipper. "Geezus, Sammy. The things I do for you."

'Oh hell,' Sam thinks. 'Dude, when will you ever stop thinking with your little brain first?'
Tags: dew at spn_bigpretzel, drabble, fic challenge, pairing: dean/cursed!sam
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