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Looking forward to a not so lazy Sunday

Woke up early and watched the J2 panel from EWPopFest. Poor guys must have been dead tired having filmed in Vancouver til 4am then flying to LA for the 12.30pm panel. Of course, they looked gorgeous as usual, full of energy and the wonderful J2 brotherly banter we all know and love. And, man, they really need to wear sunglasses more often....... Smoking hot!!!!

About to get ready to head to a Collector's Fair with ratfan and Tracey from my local SPNFamily FB group. It's basically just vendors selling merch from lots of different fandoms, Funko pops and t-shirts and jewelry and comics. Don't have lot of spare cash but am hoping I can find something SPN related that I both like and can afford. Speaking of which, I put a model Baby on laybuy the other week. Can't wait to pay her off and bring her home. Already know where I'm going to display her with my other SPN items.

There will be people in cosplay and a couple of rather famous cars on display too, KITT from Knight Rider and the Delorean, I think.

After I get home, will have the usual laundry to do and getting stuck into writing my spn_xmas exchange fic. Have a few ideas but not sure which one I'll go with as yet. Also really feeling an urge to work on the 75k fic that has haunted me the last few spn_j2_bigbang. I know I say this every year, but I really, really want to get the damned thing finished and posted and outta my head where it's been for way too long.
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