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Thank you, Darren!

Darren Hayes, lead singer of Savage Garden has always been one of my favourite singers. He is also one of my favourite people, right up there in my admiration and respect with Jared.

Originally posted by marciaelena at Yes. This.

Everything I'm feeling, beautifully articulated by Darren Hayes.

This is not a love song

At least we know who you are now.

I mean those of you who voted with hate and fear in your hearts. Those too afraid to tell their friends, colleagues or pollsters who you were voting for - and I don’t mean ‘Trump’, I mean the idea of Trump. The ideology. The manifesto. The platform of hate.

The reason the election results seemed so shocking to the rest of us is because we underestimated how much of the old deep hatred and bigotry still existed in the world. While we were celebrating the first African American President, equal rights, marriage equality, inclusiveness and common decency, there was a swell of people who had spent the last 8 years resenting all the progress made.

We liked to believe that when we abolished slavery, when Rosa Parks sat in front of the bus, when the Loving family escaped criminal charges for being a mixed race couple, when we embraced the rights of women to vote - that with every incremental step along the way leading up to equal marriage, LGBTQ rights and compassion for all - that this was the forward momentum of humanity. And it still is. But the silent (almost) majority have never had permission to voice their fearful and hated true opinions, until Trump. So that’s where the shock came from. He lured you out, throwing a rotten piece of meat into a canyon - giving permission for you to come out of the dark - and feast like jackals. Not because you are in fact animals but because something primal - something that should be educated out of our primate brains - lingered. Fear. Hate. Blame. The fear of ‘others’. The blame game. No longer afraid of condemnation, those validated by Trump’s vile views and rotten rhetoric have been drawn out, into the open. Those who once hid in the shadows, festering and hating us: people of color, immigrants, LGBTQI people suddenly had the all clear to unleash vitriol and boy did you. I've never experienced so much abuse from complete strangers than I have in the last 12 months. Calling me a faggot, telling me to kill myself, threatening my family. Trump’s behavior and run for Presidency has been a green light to usher forward all those who secretly harbored judgement; permission to rush out into broad daylight. And I finally got to see you!

Before you were an invisible threat. The silent bigot, the secret racist, the cowardly xenophobe, the gutless homophobe. Before, you were hidden - masked behind a keyboard, an anonymous twitter account, hushed conversation or just straight faced lies. Now, you have identified who you are. In this election there were many more of you than we ever realized. But not more of you than us. Less than us. Less than half of voters feel like you do. The majority reject your ideas. Progressive voters actually won the popular vote - and the demographics show that among younger voters the future will be more and more progressive. Simply put - you are the dinosaurs. This is the last stand of a dying ideology and we are the meteor coming in strong with a vengeance. It’s been called a white-lash; a retaliatory strike at a world that moved on without you. A world that loved having a beautiful black President, a world where gay marriage was possible, a land of wonderful diversity and inclusiveness.

So my message to those who voted for Trump is this. You have shown yourself. We see you. We hear you. History will not be kind to you. Those who use excuses like ‘I voted for change, not Donald’ - you are a coward. Those who say ‘I voted AGAINST Hillary’. No. You voted for a racist. A homophobe. An Islamophobe. A misogynist. You voted for someone who displays all those qualities and you said, like him - it is ok to bully, belittle, mock the disabled, war veterans, victims of sexual assault. You said it was ok for men to sexually assault women and to brag about it. You did this with your vote. You prioritized all else, above these basic qualities of human decency. You do not get to choose which parts of a maniacal egotistical narcissistic dictator suits your best interests. You are all in or you are out. You choose love. Or hate.

Now you are in the open we see you. We know what you think of us - in spite of your excuses. You say you care about us, but not enough to protect us. You blamed ‘crooked Hillary’ - while endorsing a man facing fraud charges, accusations of multiple sexual assaults and who has ripped off the working man his entire life. Guess what? Many of us didn’t see Hillary as the architect of her platform. We endorsed the platform. We knew she was a conflicted politician, someone who operated in a flawed system but who was fundamentally good. You saw a man who had no platform. He highjacked the Republican platform, gutting it and changing it into another reality TV show he could stroke his ego on.

I feel sad for those who feel betrayed by their government, who thought selling out their principals might make life easier. Guess what? He doesn’t care about you - he’s going to squash you like a bug. He’s going to stiff you, like many of the contractors he has never paid to build his tacky hotels. He rose to power from borrowed millions from Daddy, built his whole life on the backs of good people and screwed over every single person on the way up his to his cubic zirconia gold plated costume jewelry of a life.

I know today some of you might feel like you want to - but you do not get to separate yourself from that. You cannot wash that stain from your hands. You can learn from this - and make a more informed decision next time - but right now you are standing here out of willful ignorance.

The riots around the country - the disgust - this is not about any candidate. This has never happened before. Why? Because the passion is about ideas. Society is about ideas. Not candidates. We were never voting for ‘Hillary’ - we were voting for the basic principals of a democratic and decent society. Our job as humans is simply to be good. To do unto others. To surround ourselves and select those who will do the greatest good for all, not just those who live in gold mansions and grab women by the pussy. If the Republican party had put forward one decent human being other than Trump - things would be different. The Republican party might have won the election and kept some of their core principals. But even they sold themselves out and put their morals second to a desire to win at all costs.

So here’s a message from the majority. Here’s our promise to you. We will not forget. Every day for the next 4 years we will remind you - we know who you are. We oppose what you stand for and what you think of gay people, immigrants, minorities, people of color, women’s rights, trans rights, equality etc etc etc. You have shown us who you are and in doing so the head count shows we outnumber you. We OUTNUMBER YOU! Yes, we outnumber you.

We are compassionate people, we are kind, we are good, but we are not weak. Do not confuse our kindness for weakness. We are not victims and we will not go quietly into the night. We will think of you when we spend our money, when we travel, when we vote. We will be on high alert for injustice. We will obstruct injustice at every step of the way. We are your new gridlock. What you did to Barack Obama for 8 years - we will do to you and then some.

Thank you for showing us who you are. Now we know what we are up against it’s strangely a relief.

If you want to join our revolution of love - come on board. All is forgiven. You’re already forgiven. The difference between us and you is we already love you. We understand why you hate our shitty government, why you struggle so hard. We hate it too. We disagree completely with your big ideas, however, and we’re deeply disappointed by your actions.

This train is moving with or without you. If you stand in the way - prepare to be trampled by progress. We won’t stand for the slaughter of black people, the incarceration of an entire population, the enforced control of women’s bodies, the double standards of forcing one specific religion upon the populace while ignoring the very basic qualities of goodness that are supposed to underlie all religions. We do not want a wall. We want a home for all. We are good. We are just. We are powered by a love greater than you can possibly imagine. Or maybe, just maybe - you can imagine.


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