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Serious stuff but so funny too!

I found out a week ago that my 82 year old dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Good news is that they caught it early and it hasn't spread to any other organs or parts of his body. *huge, gigantic sigh of relief*
He's not having surgery or chemo, just a hormone injection every three months which I didn't even know was a treatment for this type of cancer.

I didn't handle the announcement very well, broke down sobbing for about half an hour after I read his text and whilst trying to call him but getting only his voicemail. Was much better after I talked to him that night and found out it wasn't as serious as I'd been dreading. Dad is in really good spirits and very positive that he'll be hanging around for many, many more years.

I'm trying to stay positive as well but just the thought that I might be losing him anytime soon was -- and still is-- simply terrifying. My mum passed away back in '89 just before I turned 21 and I am so not ready-- don't think I'll EVER be ready-- to say goodbye to Dad. He's my rock and support whenever I need someone to talk to or just hug and I love him so much.

I visited him a couple of weeks ago to pick up my lawnmower that he serviced for me. He knew then that he probably had cancer but didn't say anything before he had it confirmed because he knew how I would react, how worried and upset I would be-- and I was! Thanks, Daddy!! Knowing he still wants to protect his 47 year old 'baby girl' makes me feel so loved.

Now for the funny:
The hormone injection has some minor side effects, one of which is hot flushes!!!! Yes, my dad will be going through menopause!!! LOL My step-mum has been going through menopause for a long time now and gets really, really bad hot flushes and Dad, being a guy'n'all, has made lots of (loving but cheeky) fun of her discomfort and now she gets to return the favour and is really looking forward to it!
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