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Jared & Dean & Gilmore Girls & Oh My!!!!

That was certainly worth the wait!! :-)

Loved Jared's scene so much, my only complaint being it was way, way too short!!! He nailed all of Dean's mannerisms perfectly, from hands in the pockets of his coat to scrunching his shoulders just a little, to his expressions and speech patterns. Totally Dean and not a trace of Sam to be seen.

I loved the life story & closure they gave Dean, so perfect. Happily married with 3 kids (all boys, one of whom is named Grady) and one on the way-- and it's a girl. Wow, talk about art imitating life!!! or life imitating art!!! Kinda prophetic considering Jared filmed this way back in February, months before Gen fell pregnant.

And, wow, I teared up with all the wonderful things Rory said about him. I've always been #TeamDean and this was a pretty much perfect Dean ending for me, that he found someone amazing to share his life with, rather than the awful rebound that was his loveless marriage to Lindsay.

source: Proud Idjit on YouTube

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